Scottish Hills’ 4th of July Celebration is one of the best parties in town…if not the best!   Run by pool staff and members, there is quite literally something for everyone.


Jared Taylor, SHRC Pool Manager –


From the moment the gates open for those who have woken early to claim their spot in the queue and I see the smiles on many friendly faces that light up as bright as any firework, the 4th of July Celebration at Scottish Hills Recreation Club is like no other!


Posted on bulletin boards are activities planned throughout the day for all ages. From the wet t-shirt relay to the cornhole tournament, there is something exciting for everyone. The grills are fired up by members to feed the masses a traditional hot dog lunch provided by the club, and the afternoon brings ping pong, volleyball and shuffleboard tournaments. And saving the biggest “firework” until the end – our annual belly flop contest will take your breath away — Ouch!


Bring the whole family and join in with your neighbors to celebrate the 4th of July in style. Looking forward to seeing you there year after year.




Michelle Dawson, SHRC Member –


The Scottish Hills 4th of July Celebration is a blast!  It’s a family fun day that’s both relaxing and event-packed.  How can it be both, you ask…


It’s relaxing because there’s plenty of time to just chill, take a dip and visit with friends, while also partaking in some of the many activities and tournaments.  Every member of  my family even volunteered to assist with an event and still made all our tournament slots and hung out!


It’s event-packed because of the agenda – there’s something for everyone!  I enjoy entering the shuffleboard tournament with my daughter (and look forward to beating our boys next year) and cornhole with my son. My husband and daughter are always a team in the wet t-shirt relay – they did well this year because the key is not how fast you swim – it’s putting your t-shirt on all the way (several quality teams are likely practicing that this winter….).  My son enters the volleyball tournament and enjoys hanging out with friends and doing the money dive or the soda search.


Our lifeguard and pool staff are actively partaking in the festivities and members are helping to run the field events and tournaments and man the grill.  Being a member-owned pool, we are all active participants in enjoying the day and making it fun for all.


But my favorite part of the whole day….is the Bellyflop Contest for several reasons:


Everyone is together in the pool or sitting on the sides to watch

We’re all supportive of the floppers – it takes guts!

The floppers – young and old – are having fun


The festivities wrap up early enough to head out to fireworks shows which is also a nice feature.


My family avoided the 4th of July Celebration the first few years because we heard about the line that forms at 7am to ensure a good seat and could just imagine the crowd we’d have to battle.  We were wrong.


Although some folks gather early to get a prime spot, we never waited in line and have ended up with a comfortable home-base each year.  It is probably the most packed the pool gets all year, but it’s still very manageable and not too crowded.  We have friends who join us every year – they have their own pool but love our party!  That makes me proud…


Because so do I!