Well, if this past weekend is any indication, the 2017 pool season is going to be great!

The weekend started with the official opening of the pool on Saturday morning. By noon, many members had arrived to enjoy the complimentary free lunch. This is a long-standing event at the pool and is very popular. The pool provides hot dogs, sausages, chips and drinks for everyone who is there for lunch. It is so much fun to catch up with friends you haven’t seen (sometimes for months) and just enjoy being at the pool again after the winter.

On Sunday, there was a new activity at the pool – the first ever beer and food truck event! We had Ty’s All Natural food truck there serving amazing food that ranged from chicken to burgers to vegetarian options. I personally had the Southwest Black Bean Burger and it was delicious. My daughters ordered the Waffle Fried Chicken and can I just say – OMG! I’m not sure what the rest of my family ate because I was too busy stuffing my face with my own (and my daughters) food!

Fortnight Brewing Company was also there on Sunday, and it was a special treat for our members to be able to enjoy some craft beer while relaxing at the pool. Dan from Fortnight brought 2 kinds of beer and they were so popular he sold out! No worries though – with the brewery so close (we love supporting local businesses), he was able to make a run for more.

It was great to see the 2017 season start out with a bang! I am really looking forward to an amazing 2017 season!


Michelle Arndt plans to spend all waking hours at the pool this summer….or as many as possible.