Membership Application

The three membership options at Scottish Hills are as follows:


Family*: $500 annual dues (3 or more people living in the same household)
Double*: $450 annual dues (2 people living in the same household)
Single*: $400 annual dues (1 person age 18 or older)

A complete application includes payment of the $100 application fee and the one-time membership fee of $150.

*More specifics on each membership can be found on the Membership Information page.


Application directions

Application for membership at Scottish Hills can be completed via our online form or you can print an application and mail it. The link to print the form is posted at the bottom of this page. To submit your application electronically, follow the directions below.

Please complete all fields with an * (*Indicates Required Field) and make sure you complete the relevant information for all members of your household who will be members.  After the application has been completed properly and you click the Apply button, you will receive a success message and be directed to the payment page. If you do not get redirected, please look over the application to see where the errors are (if you scroll to the top of the application you will see an error message) and resubmit.

2018 SHRC Membership Application



Additional names will be listed on membership (must live in the same household)?

Payment Preference

I, the undersigned, hereby apply to the Board of Directors of the Scottish Hills Recreational Club, Inc., for membership therein, and have included the non-refundable application fee of $100 and the membership fee of $150 with this application. In the event that no memberships are available at the time this application is received by the SHRC Membership Coordinator, I will be placed on a waiting list and application and membership fees held. If I wish to be removed from the waiting list, I may submit a written request to SHRC for the refund of fees paid at the time of application. *

I give permission for all the people listed on my SHRC membership to be included in photos taken at Scottish Hills Recreational Club. These could be used on our website, Facebook page, Twitter and other social media accounts for purposes of promoting the Scottish Hills Recreational Club program and activities. No names or other identification will be shown. I may rescind this permission at any time by submitting the request in writing to the SHRC Business Manager ( or P.O. Box 859, Cary, NC 27512).*

I promise and agree to accept such membership with the full understanding that the same is subject to any and all restrictions, reservations, and provisions set forth in the Corporate Charter, By-laws, rules and regulations, and any and all amendments thereto, which I agree to faithfully abide by and enforce.*

I promise and agree as a condition to the use of the facilities, to pay annual dues as established by the Board of Directors, to defray the cost of maintaining, operating, and improving the said facilities. Annual dues shall be determined by the Board of Directors from year to year.*

I have read and agree with the terms and conditions above and indicate my acceptance by checking the box below and typing and entering my name in the electronic signature box. By checking the box and typing and entering my name below, I authorize my electronic signature to carry the same weight and legal effect as my written signature.*

4 + 5 =

To mail your application for membership instead, please print and complete the following form:


The completed form can be mailed with your check to SHRC, PO Box 859, Cary, NC 27512.